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Though online payday lenders generally don't pull a full credit report from one of the major credit bureaus, they will typically use other methods that qualify as a credit check, McGreevy said, making any "no credit check" claims misleading.

It's up to lenders, she said, to make sure they're buying customer information from companies that follow the rules. But McGreevy said it's difficult to stay ahead of sites that can change from one minute to the next.

Once the trade group identifies a site making a "no credit check" claim, she said OLA will look for other language or site elements that go against the group's rules. For instance, she said sites that require customers to agree to something often include a check box, but that shady sites will sometimes check boxes automatically. When the group finds a site with problems, McGreevy said OLA will send the site's operators a notice, asking them to fix problems — or else.

That goes for OLA members and nonmembers alike, she said. If they do, it could lead to those lenders being booted from the trade group or regulatory headaches such as the kind of lawsuit now facing T3Leads. OLA is starting out by looking for "no credit check" claims, but McGreevy said she plans to continue the monitoring program and eventually look for other misleading language.

Aaron Rieke of consulting firm Upturn, which issued a report last year that criticized the way that loan lead generators do business, said he's encouraged to see OLA taking a step toward stricter enforcement of its policies, though it's hard to know how effective the group's efforts will be. Venture capital deals slow amid doubts about augmented reality's reach.

Financial growth and internal business expansion go hand and hand. Equipment and machinery are important assets to any business. An equipment loan can be used to purchase new or used equipment. An unsecured loan, sometimes referred to as a signature loan or a merchant loan, is a special type of financing available to business that is different from traditional lending.

Instead of requiring collateral to obtain financing, unsecured lending uses several other factors to judge the eligibility of a loan applicant. These could include things such as your credit score and sales records from the business. This type of financing may be advisable for small business owners who do not want to risk their personal collateral in order to obtain the financing they need.

Since the loan requirements differ from traditional bank loans, the interest rates and speed of approval can be much different.

Oftentimes these merchant loans are reviewed and approved in a very short time frame, making them ideal for anyone who is in need of immediate capital.

The main difference between an unsecured and a secured loan is the collateral required. There are pros and cons to all lending options that business owners should consider in order to come to an informed financial decision for their business. Secured Loans often come from banks or traditional lending sources.

They are the most common type of financial borrowing available. Secured loans, backed by an asset such as a house or piece of property, give the lender the ability to repossess collateral should the borrower default on their loan. The type of collateral required can vary and the lender and borrower must come to agreeable terms in order to move forward with the lending process. Loan processes vary between different secured lending services.

The standard procedure usually involves the loan amount, asset negotiation and loan repayment terms. Repayment terms are often much more generous in both time and interest rate because the loan is backed by collateral in the event of default. Unsecured loans differ drastically from secured loans, including the application requirements. Merchant business lending is not centered on collateral or personal assets, and instead focuses on other factors of your business to determine loan worthiness.

Some factors that can help with acquiring an unsecured loan might include your credit history, sales records, business growth, and projected financial income. Unsecured business loans can come in the form of credit cards, personal loans, corporate bonds, and payday loans.

Interest rates tend to be higher and come with a shorter repayment period, which results in a lower amount paid towards interest. There is no collateral required for this loan agreement. SnapCap prides itself on our ability to listen and understand your unique business needs. SnapCap is an open and honest source for businesses to apply and receive the most competitive short-term loan options available online today.

SnapCap was created to challenge the way credit and loan decisions are being made today. Lending to new and established businesses have been challenged in recent years by a growing number of technology driven companies.