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Online Payday Loan Application. Click Ok to restart your application. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. Anonymous anonymous Sep 30, Money was tight and we needed just enough to pay for rent, gas and groceries. No credit does not disqualify you from getting a loan. The security of your personal ID and data is extremely important to us!


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I'm looking into a cash advance loan for the first time. How does this work? OneClickCash® provides fast and convenient loans to people in need every day. I never took out a payday loan with One Click Cash. They were taking out $ and $ out of my checking account every month. When I went to the bank to stop it, the FCC called, waiting for /5(). One Click Cash: Same Day Loans No Credit Check Direct Lender #[ One Click Cash ]# Payday loans, quick loans, no credit check loans When this happens, your current credit worthiness witout a doubt enables you for a cheaper car refinancing home loan price, one which would have equated dropping each month bills. For making simpler, there is a 97%(1K).

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After I put on card plus 4. I was livid and not only that they kept my I am not letting this go. Do not believe them, if they call hang up! Guessing by the reviews that I'm reading that you guys and gals are in the same predicament with One Click Cash as I am. One Click Cash has been calling me to get this matter taken care of Is anyone interested in getting a class action lawsuit going against One Click Cash? I'm all for it!! One Click Cash has put my phone number on a rotating daily call list.

When I have called them back they demand my Social Security Number. They have made several of same demands and have asked for person information. I refuse to give them that information, they threaten me with various forms of taking my home, putting me in jail, ruining my credit forever. For those who are familiar with credit laws in your state, please do not be threatened with this company. They cannot ruin your credit, because they cannot turn you over to standard credit bureaus, also they cannot call the police.

Police Officials do not handle consumer affairs. These folks are bullies and pray on the innocent. I had taken payday loans with this company since Never had any issues, I made all my payments on time. After paying off each loan, 20 days or so later I would receive an email stating I was eligible for another loan with a higher loan amount. My final loan with One Click Cash was to be paid off March In September I noticed my loan payment hadn't withdrawn from my checking account. The first week of October I received a phone call from a One Click Cash representative explaining there were issues between them and my bank and could I call them back.

They requested a payment through my bank card and all interest would be waived. So I took them up on the offer, and my payments were completed in December I have checked on their website, and it shows I paid my account in full in December , but I am unable to request any further loans, every time I try and submit my info, it tells me there is an issue.

I assume they are shut down from doing business. While every payday loan makes a killing on their fees, I never had issues with this company at all. I did take out a loan with these people but it is paid as of April 25, that's what their website says. I am now being threaten with being sent to jail. I got home today and there was a call from the police dept. I am 64 years old. I don't know what to do. IF I still owe them I will gladly pay them, but the people don't want a credit card.

They want me to go to Walmart and get a MoneyPak card and send the numbers on the card. If I do this I will have no proof that I paid this. What do I do? The company called me to get authorization for payment in September because they said they were having a payment processing problem with the ACH payment through my bank. When I talked to the agent, I also agreed to have the October and November payments set up to be paid as well.

On November 6, , I received an e-mail asking about the October payment. I stated to them that I had already set payment authorization by credit card and that they need to check their phone records. At this point, they have never billed for the October or November payments and they have not e-mailed or called me either. Also, the funds were in the bank both months and nothing has been processed.

I hope they are not trying to send me through collections or trying to get this money now because those funds are now gone. Any suggestions would help. I totally regret that I applied for a loan with OneClickCash back in June and as they started debiting from my account which is fine that's what I agreed to when applying for this loan but for some reason, they stopped debiting from the account and then recently, I answered one of those calls.

Not that I agree to pay them this amount but just want to put this behind me and it was stupid of me getting a loan from this company and, oh god, the last person I talked to at customer service was so rude and such a liar too.

I already admit that I was stupid that I took the loan from them and she was not only rude but accused me of something that I didn't say. She said that I need to stop saying it's their fault on everything and I said I never said that and I even asked her to play back the conversation on this phone call and she said she is not going to do that.

Yeah, I wonder why. I've had a couple of payday loans with this company over the past couple of years. Recently, they called and said they were having "processing" issues with withdrawing payments from my bank account and asked that I pay the remaining principal and they would not charge the fee. I told them I would have to check this out with my bank because this seemed strange. I also discovered they are under investigation by the FTC.

I e-mailed them and told them what I had discovered and guess what I just checked my account on their website and the loan status is showing as "paid in full" as of October 9, I suggest anyone with a loan check to see if they are licensed in your state and what the max interest allowable is. Confront them with it and see what happens. One Click Cash and other payday loan companies are blocked from ACH withdrawals from your bank accounts.

That is why they are attempting to obtain your credit card information. They are attempting to circumvent the laws. In fact many companies have been ordered to pay restitution and barred from collecting on any unpaid loans. They have my email address and home address but will not contact me through either but want me to give them debit or credit card info over phone which I refuse. They have the necessary info to continue with drawing the remaining balance of the loan as per loan agreement which has worked out fine until now or contact me using the USPS so there is written documentation.

One Click Cash want my credit card number. They didn't take any interest this month and are calling every day wanting everything I owe. They said because of processing issues. WTF does that mean? They just called me again! This is the most useless excuse for a loan company. I have fought with OneClick since January.

I never tried for a loan with them but somehow they got my info and drained my account over and over. I now have no bank and am at risk of getting into trouble because of this. I never heard of them until I went to make a purchase and my account was in the neg. I have turned them in multiple times. It has gone nowhere!!!!!!! Rec'd email stating "due to processing issues" they are unable to ACH my payment plan. Does anyone know why? They want me to give them my debit card and post date the payment plan.

This sounds fishy and I wanna pay it off but Leery now. Plus if I don't post date it, I will be charged additional finance fee. Please let me know if you can.

When I ask they won't tell me why, just avoid the question and straight to making a payment in full which I can't do. I did sign for loan with fees and charges, but if money is not available to give out, they need to block the loan application that is available online. You complete the application, are told the funds will be there the next day.

You then log in to find out where the money is. Only to find out the application has been declined due to processing problems. I had the same trouble of disclosure of interest and additional fees. Afterwards, whenever I did borrow from them, I arranged to have my payments deducted all at once each time I borrowed money thereafter. I too had the experience of "unexplained additional fees.

Denied because I had refused all of their many offers for me to borrow more money and also to extend my payback days. In other words I was denied for failure to comply with the scam. I'm advising anyone and everyone if you can find another way to satisfy your debt or emergency then by all means make every effort possible to satisfy the need before you go to this One Click Cash.

Suzanne must work for them. A contract is valid in the state it is signed, so despite what all your e-mails have told me about B. And since OneClickCash violates almost every state lending law, and since a contract can't violate the law, every document that everyone has ever signed for your company is null and void.

And trust me, nobody is going to attend Indian pow-wow court in the Sioux Nation SO, piss off, Suzanne. You are under no obligation to repay ANY interest or fees on these illegal loans - in some cases you aren't even responsible to repay the principal, but you should That's just the right thing to do. Do not let them intimidate you! They have no legal power anywhere in the United States Unrelentingly demand your interest money back!

They receive two e-mails from me per hour, thanks to my free auto-emailer - a Google App called Boomerang. They receive 2 auto-dialed phone calls an hour, and 6 to 7 faxes a day. Be on the offensive Attack them just as they would you!! TONS of information available. Blow them and him up with calls, e-mails Post on their YouTube pages, etc. If he doesn't crash into a wall, I hope someone shoots him on the Sioux Nation All of you that are upset about the charges for taking out a loan are just plain stupid.

You are given a document that spells out everything. In order to get the money you sign for it. Therefore if you can't read it's not OneClick Cash that has done you wrong. I know what I sign for and have never had a problem. If you can't pay it back, plus interested all at one time, you will end up paying more. This only makes sense. They did not explain the payment plan at all in the very beginning of the loan process.

And now I am left with a huge percentage rate which is really high.. Earlier this year I lost my job and at the same time my husband got suspended because of the lack of work where he is.

Money was tight and we needed just enough to pay for rent, gas and groceries. With all our savings we still needed some money so we called Money Mutual and they directed us to One Click Cash. I know payday loan places charge high and I mean high interest rates cause I had to use a local one in town before they moved locations.

The payday loan service of CashOne is fast, reliable and gets processed fast. I highly recommend their service to all for getting instant loans. Your fees are competitive and I am sure that I will make use of your services again. Your rates are low and you have a very friendly and helpful staff! You have made a loyal customer here, and I have already recommended you to several friends. We simplified the process. Apply for your payday loan online in minutes, without driving around, tons of paperwork, and long waits.

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