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Supplies both payday and title loans online or at over 2, store locations. Amounts vary by state and vehicle specifics. Have you ever heard about this? We live in Oklahoma. My husband is receiving calls from a debt collector that says that they are going to procecute him and that he would be arrested for check fraud….. Can he be arrested for not paying this back???

I had a person calling to collect on a pay day loan I had defaulted on after I lost my job. I offered to make a payment arrangement. When I called them about it they said I had til 3 pm or they would serve me papers along with someone from the county.

You cannot go to jail for simply defaulting on a debt. The most the creditor can do, absent actual fraud, is sue you. I had something like this an Attorney called and left a voicemail about how there were allegations pending against me and this was on a Sunday when most offices are closed so i had a bit of suspicion and ran his number through even though i could not find the company i was able to find reviews about the number and posted a comment about how this person called me.

I have done that and that and the attorney stated that i should not do anything until i receive the paperwork and then i can consult with him. He assured me that he would keep the Payday loan company off of my back and also told me that if they attorney calls again to politely state that i can speak with him and give him the number to my attorney.

I just received a call from a debt collector saying i owe a pay day loan from over 8 yrs ago. And to my knowledge I paid all mine off. And I said to him how come no one has sent me anything? They were also calling from Texas.

He had me all upset. Please re-read the original post, along with the note from the FBI. This sounds like a textbook example of a scam to me. The big red flag is the threat of arrest. If you feel threatened, you should contact local law enforcement.

Ok this American Mutural Holdings called my mother on June 5 , and told her I have her down as a contact. They told her I have a default loan with Cash America and they had all my information. They told her if my loan was not paid in 2 hours I would have an warrent out for my arrest for check fraud! She paid it with her debt card What can I do If you actually owed the money, the debt collector could have sued you, but could not have had you arrested.

If you did not owe the money, your mother may be able to get law enforcement involved. See the information from the FBI in the original post above. Keep in mind that nothing on this blog is intended as legal advice and I am not licensed to practice law anywhere but in Wisconsin. My husband received a call tonight on his cell phone. It was a Wisconsin number but they said they were from Georgia. They stated he owed from a payday loan back from Again, any threats of jail for defaulting on a debt should raise red flags.

While check fraud is a serious matter, I have never seen such charges filed for merely defaulting on a payday loan. And your local D. If you deny you owe the money and think this is a scam, you should contact local law enforcement or see the original post above for info from the FBI. I got a letter in the mail for failure to pay off title loan on a car that broke down n picked up by a junkyard for sitting in the side of road.

In Wisconsin, failure to appear will result in a default judgment against you and the creditor will be able to collect on that judgment by any means allowed by state law. Debt collectors do not have the authority to prosecute criminal cases.

They can sue and try to collect, but cannot send you to jail. I would be in jail for hours before I seen a federal judge… is this true? Most of the calls claiming otherwise are from scammers hoping to scare you out of some money. Will I go to jail!?! Yes, the debt collector can sue if you default on a debt. If you do get sued, check out this post: Your state procedure will likely be different, but your local attorney can help explain those differences to you.

Back in I took out an online loan from cash net and defaulted on the loan. I just received a call this week from a place saying they were arbitration, and that I was to be issued a summons for intent to defraud a banking institution unless I have a payment arrangement.

I stupidly gave in and ended up giving my bank card info before reading this. Since they knew where, when, and how much the loan was for, would you assume this is just a debt collector breaking the rules, and not a scammer? Quite a few scammers claim to be collecting on behalf of CashNet. I would consider stopping that payment, letting the bank know what happened, and asking if I need to get a new account number.

Keep in mind that this is not legal advice. For advice and a legal opinion on your situation, you should speak to a local attorney. Well I contacted cash net, turns out this is not the company that bought my debt, and actually is a fraudulent collector. Thank you for responding. Thanks for doing this thread. In New York, a law was passed making it illegal to collect on Payday loans and deemed the loans illegal and therefore void.

I plan on closing my checking accounts and using a different, unrelated checking account moving forward. I assume you are familiar with the NYS law. My question is, can they hurt my credit? Or bypass State law in order to try to collect?

I will write to them saying I am defaulting on the loan because I have no money at this time and would be willing to pay any principal balance leftover based on a LEGAL interest rate in my state going back to the time I took the loan out.

By this math they would owe me money. But just wanted your thoughts on if they can garnish my wages or hurt my credit score? I am not licensed to practice law in New York and have no knowledge of any New York state laws. In general, payday loan businesses must comply with the laws of any state in which they do business. If the lender has a valid claim against you, it can pursue whatever remedies are available under state law.

In Wisconsin, that would include wage garnishments. If the claim is valid, the lender could also report accurate information to the credit reporting agencies, although it is not required to report anything. Whether or not this claim is valid is a question of state law, and you would have to consult with a New York-licensed attorney for advice. Today I received a call from United National Arbitration stating I had two charges pending against me and my case was review by the D.

Stated I have till tomorrow a 3 to make payment or case will be sent over to D. Can this really happen??? Besides, defaulting on a loan is not a criminal matter. Unless there are facts to indicate some kind of fraud, the D. I have received calls for more than 6 months now that are similar to this.

I took out a pdl online in I was unable to pay the loan back fully. For months now, I keep getting the same phone calls. Usually, it is within a couple of hours. These people had my correct phone number, current address, last four numbers of the bank account that the loan went into, etc… The options she gave me were to settle out of court right then by setting up a payment arrangement.

I told her that I was uncomfortable giving out any pay information or making payments to anyone that I was not absolutely sure was legally the collector of the said debt. I simply asked them to send me documentation to legitimize their claim. They said that as soon as I make a payment they would e-mail me a copy of the payment plan.

I wanted a paper trail showing where and how they eneded up with my account and the authority to collect on it. She became irate and flat out, ominous toward me. I finally just told her to serve me so that I would at least have some sort of leagal documentation and nothing ever came. He did not want to send me any paperwork and accused me immediately of being uncooperative. So I just hung up on him.

I asked for an address and she ignored the question and just said that she would be by to serve me. Typically, calling them back only encourages them to continue calling. If you just ignore them, they should stop after awhile. I called them to tell them that the loan should have been paid back and they said that whole time I was paying interest on the loan. So at that point I changed by account no. Now today this guy calls me and said his client was reporting me for Check Fraud charges because I changed my account No.

So Question is can they report me for check fraud when all i was doing was trying to protect my account? The caller sounds like a middle school kid tattling to the teacher. The debt collector could sue you or can contact the D. But unless you actually committed fraud and as far as I know, simply defaulting on a loan does not constitute check fraud in any jurisdiction , the D. Keep in mind that I am not licensed to practice law anywhere but Wisconsin, and I do not give legal advice on this blog.

For advice specific to your individual situation, you need to contact a local bankruptcy attorney. I am a former employee of a PayDay Loan company and their collection efforts are one I would not do. I had never worked for a finance company like that so I went in clueless. Quickly I learned that is not a place of employment if you have a heart.

Threats are their biggest tool. Get a number and name — immediatly call your State Banking Department and report the call. When the person calls you back inform them that you forwarded their collections threats to you State Banking Department and from that moment on make a note of any call you receive time date persons name and what was said. It is illegal for them to threaten you with any type of threat. Also they will continue to harass your refences — let each one of your references know when they call them to inform them they do not wish to be contacted any longer and to remove them from the call list.

If they continue to call the references you report that as well to the State Banking Department. If they are calling you at your place of employement you can tell them not to contact you there anymore. Legally they have to stop sometimes it is a good idea to fax to local branch a letter stating no more contact at your work keep a record of that and if they continue make sure you report that to the State Banking Department. Keep in mind that they are only allowed to contact you twice a day.

With leaving a voice message once. These companies are audited by their State Banking Departments. If complaints are being filed against their collection efforts then audits are more frequent cause all complaints have to be investigated. Things happen not everyone is perfect… They are about profit and money with no concerns for the customer.

By any means possible. That is their motto. You have rights take a stand. When they do — they become the criminal not you. The only legal route they can take is a Small Claims that results in a Garnishment. Most states require you to pay the full amount including interest — rewrite the loan — and then return the amount minus the interest. In most states thats illegal. Check with the regulations in your state — if no roll overs are allowed and you have done that — let the State Banking Department know you have done it with the company in the past.

If they want to threaten you with criminal charges they obviously have no concern for you — so why have concerns for them. Keep in mind that the tips provided by theinsidescoop apply only if the caller actually works for the creditor. Many times, these calls come from an overseas call center that have no connection with the original payday loan agency.

These scammers should be ignored, although it is sometimes difficult to determine who the caller works for. If in doubt, call the original creditor not the number left on your voicemail and ask how much you owe and if they have passed the account on to a debt collector.

I received a phone call yesterday from a man claiming to be from a law office in Georgia. I was very taken back by this as I did not take out and loans I did apply when money was tough but never received any money or at that even completed an application.

I called my bank to see if there were any transactions at the time of when he is claiming they gave me money and my bank confirmed what I already knew there were no transactions on that account for three months surrounding this supposed incident.

I called the man from the law office back and he is now changing his story saying that they probably put the money into a different account but used mine as collateral. I never had a different account and as well I never had a single payday loan. He says that I will be brought up on criminal charges for this loan and that I should get a lawyer. Im worried about what to do to get this taken care of. I know im not guilty but he is claiming they have evidence and wont let me see the evidence or even tell me what the proof is.

What should i do? Please read the original blog post. These calls are typically made by scammers, hoping to shake some money out of you or your relatives. I took out a online payday loan and missed a payment well it bounced in the acct I only missed it by two days they called and gave me a case number and said I will be arrested by Monday can I be arrested the loan was only and I tried to pay the payment I missed they refused to accept it unless it was and I had to pay a additional next week they said it was theft?

Regardless of what the payday agent tells you, defaulting on a loan is not fraud without other facts to back up such a claim. If you are concerned, you should speak to a local bankruptcy attorney. In the meantime, you should stop taking payday loans, either online or in person.

They are a sure way to get in over your head with debt. Area code was from nc though. Said in we took a cash advance loan on line. She would not give us any information except she work for weistein atterney and was a mediator for fraud She would not give me her address. She would not give me atterneys name and how many atterneys worked there. We asked for a letter stating what is the debt and what is going on. She said she can not give us any information.

She new my husbands full SS number. When I asked for all this information she got mad and hung up. I repeatedly call her and no one would answer. A few hours late a man called from her number and said he had to inform of me he was pressing charges for me repeatedly calling a business. U said you are pressing charges on me for calling a voice mail that know one would answer.

He said yes mam and hung up. I reported to the FTC. They thought it was a scam. I agree with the FTC rep; this sounds like a classic scam. Generally, these people will move on to other targets if you simply ignore them.

I received a call earlier from someone claiming to be a deputy calling me to turn myself in or call a officer in Texas. He called from which I found weird. I also received a call from a law firm a few weeks ago stating I had a warrant over a payday loan that I know I never had. Without some indications of fraud, defaulting on a loan is not grounds for criminal charges or an arrest.

They are scammers sitting in overseas call centers, hoping to scare you out of some money. I typically advise my clients to ignore these callers, but if you are concerned, you should speak to a local attorney. I have a title loan that I recently defaulted on. Can I be arrested for a title loan default? Or are they treated add civil matters? However, the lender may have a valid lien on your vehicle and might have the right to repossess if the debt is not paid.

My mom received a message today on her phone from a guy saying he is a parlegal for an attorney firm in Pontiac,MI working with one of the prosecuting attorneys out in Henderson, NV to handle a criminal investigation case involving me.

He says my name has been pulled up on two affidavits with pending allegations of one misdeamenor charge and one felony charge. He says its because the affidavits have had the statute of limitations expire on them. He is trying to get a hold of me because they have to transfer the dockets back to the prosecuting attorney who is handling the case.

He asks that she contact him with a phone number where he can reach me or have me contact him and says she is not in trouble of any kind. He asks that I call by Monday at 5PM and leaves his phone number and a case number. I am confused as what to do. I also just got my drivers license in a new state and nobody mentioned anything to me. Does this sound like a scam to your or is it legit? Thanks for your help!

For advice specific to your individual situation, you need to speak with a local attorney. Generally, these calls threatening arrest are scams. Sometimes the caller will call a parent instead of the target, hoping that the parent will pay before talking with the target.

As long as you keep the basic point of the original post in mind, you should be fine: Hi my names brittany recently i filed for a online payday loan they said i was approved an all i had to do was send in for a security deposit so i did rhan a hr later they gave me a call saying it wasent approved an i would get my back well i just got a call stating That i didnt pay The cansleation fee an was being sued with a lawsuit so they said ro resolve it to send them an they resolve The case now they called again saying i need To pay anothed for the fees to resove the Case an if i Didnt in 2 hrs They Will have me Aressted is this true an what should i do?

I hope readers realize by reading these posts that everyone should stay away from online payday loans. I was told that I was going to jail for check fraud from 5 years ago from Advance America. They are calling everyone now all my Friends and family and threatening me. I then looked them up and found this site so do I keep paying now that I have already paid? Can I stop paying then and be safe? I have no clue what to do now!

My sister is calling her creditor and filling charges on them and I am scared to death that they are going to show up. My husband died and I have our daughter and I am all she has now I cant go to jail. And they had us do some kinda Docusign thing? Is that a bad thing I had to sign one every time they set up a payment. They also said they were from a law firm called Coghens and Powers. The threat of jail makes it sounds like a scam to me. For legal advice specific to your individual situation, you need to speak with a local attorney.

Your attorney can tell you if this is a scam or a legit debt collector. If the caller can be located and is working within the U. He even went as far as to confirm the information to me. They were rude and eventually hung up. I call back and pretended as if I wanted to resolve the issue after researching all of the above stories and confirming it was a scam. Eventually after playing the game with them I told them I had since realized they were fraudulant and hung up.

Even though I felt better a little about pulling their cards I am still VERY afraid because they have my personal information, such as my social and birthdate. They also claim to have my banking information. What should I do?

Generally, I recommend against interacting with these people at all. If you feel at risk for identity theft, you should contact local law enforcement and your local Social Security office. However, if the callers really had your personal information, why would they bother calling you?

If they had the info, most thieves would simply use it to steal the money as quietly as they could or apply for credit in your name. She said you are trying to avoid these charges…. I am so confused and not sire what is going on really, is this a scam? But based on the facts as you have presented them, it has some of the indications of a scam threat of arrest, creditor not reporting to the Credit Reporting Agencies, etc.

The only advice I can give is to contact your bankruptcy attorney. BACK in i had move to texas i had bunch payday loans out and i file bankruputcy. I have twins boys i dont want want be stress bout things like that. I am actually with morgan drexon working on payment or settlement pay to get this loans paid off. I need to know what the right thing to do or am i doing right thing. When these people call leave case number or phone half time i cant get the information i am looking for or someone answer start yelling at who.

I change my number to get rid stupid people waste my time trying to solve problem but get the run around. You cannot be arrested for simply defaulting on a debt. I have a debt collector calling me saying that a check cashing place is wanting to file charges against me for check fraud. When I ask them for information, they give me a date, time and location of where this took place. They also say that they have video evidence about this.

I was not in the state that this took place, and when I ask to see this evidence they tell me that I have no right to see it, that it will come up in court. I find it hard to believe that if there is evidence against me that I am not allowed to see it. Debt collectors and check-cashing places cannot file criminal charges.

They can sue if you default on a debt, but only the D. Usually, the best way to get the calls to stop is to simply ignore them. If you are concerned, I recommend you contact your bankruptcy attorney. Each time they threaten to serve him with felony fraud charges if he does not pay that same day. Do I have the right to ask to be removed from their list of contacts? In this case, it sounds to me like someone is hoping to scare some money out of you. It usually happens with parents.

If the callers are really debt collectors, you should get as much info as you can and speak to a local attorney about possible FDCPA claims. If the callers are trying to scam you, you can either ask local law enforcement to try and track them down or simply ignore the calls.

Last week I received a call from someone American accent claiming to be an arbitrator for the PDL company and they were filing a civil lawsuit and criminal charges against me for Writing bad checks and defrauding a financial institution. They had a lot of my information so I assumed they were legitimate.

I had the money at the time was saving for a car and had the cash and gave them my debit card information and they said they would post-date the payment until the following day to give me time to get to the bank to deposit the cash. They also claimed that I would receive documentation via email that would explain the repayment deal in detail and it would have my information regarding the loan on it. I did not receive a call back nor the agreement documentation until the following morning at 7am when they tried to run the card.

I did talk to the same guy I setup the payment with the day prior, that morning, and explained that I was not comfortable sending payment with something in writing. They said I would either need to pay on the phone or they would send a summons.

I finally told them to send the summons so I could at least get legal documentation of the suit, and the guy hung up on me. This morning around 8: I ignored it because i worked late last night and was sleeping in. Then I recieved a call from the same private number 3 more times all calls 3 mins apart and finally they left a message.

It was definitely the same guy I originally talked to but he claims to be an investigator from the public service carriers union, and that they would be out to my house tomorrow with a Police Officer for their protection they claim with a summons, or I could call the arbitration office and pay the debt and they wont come out.

Does this sound legitimate in that they can file criminal charges against me over this loan? The lawsuit I can deal with if I get a summons I can call to make arrangements but these criminal charges scares me.

Im in Arizona if this also helps. The threat of arrest makes it sound more like a scam. If you are still concerned, you should contact a local attorney. I had a similar call yesterday. Al lady by the name of Christie called me yesterday, she had a southern accent and claimed to be residing on the East side.

Funny thing is I was keeping in contact with the collection agency 2 weeks prior to her calling which she said was not supposed to be happening because they had forward my case to her. She then said that CMG had the right to file charges against me for fraud and that there was a pending warrant for my arrest. I did not get to ask her if it was possible to issue a warrant for my arrest when I live in Hawaii and they are located on the mainland.

I also found it odd that when I started to get all frustrated and began to cry she told me to not stress over it and that she is a single mother too and knows how hard it can be. Then I attempted to call her this morning my time which would make it 12 pm her time and I get a recording. I attempt to leave a message but the machine told me three times that it did not recognize a message and to leave one after the beep…This is very frustrating, I thought that it would only affect my credit score.

Extra stress about being arrested and a single mom, who will watch my baby? Why is it so hard for the ones that are actually struggling to be believed when they are saying how much of a hard time they are having.

Hawaii is not a cheap place to live. Regardless of what these callers tell you, you cannot be arrested for simply defaulting on a loan. They prey on your fear and count on you being scared enough to just pay without questioning them. The directory at Nacba. Just wanted to clarify that. That takes a great deal of stress off of me. I will do just that. Thank you for your prompt response. Have a great day. I got a call yesterday i n reference to a PDL that I took out but have not paid back.

This original call came from a number that when I called it back I got a voicemail saying it was a company called Landmark. The first message left on my phone came from a lady who stated that she was with my county I live in with a processing division. She stated that I had a lawsuit filed and that I am facing three counts of Fraud. She stated that I would be served by a Sheriff along with an individual with the paperwork. I was also given a 1 number to call to stop this proceeding.

I did contact this 1 number and spoke with another female who had all my information on the payday loan I had not paid on, my SS and my DOB. She also had the names of my family members whom I know were not listed on my original form I filled out online. This lady kept putting me on hold to talk to the lender to see what she could work out, after all the options she gave me, wanting me to pay more then half of the amount now, or I would have to pay the total.

She wanted my to Pay part of I told her that I had no way of paying it. She asked me if I had any options of obtaining help from anyone. I told her no, she stated that there would be nothing for her to be able to do, and it looked like it would be going to court. I advised her that I would contact my attorney, and she stated that it would probably be a good idea to do so.

I did contact my attorney, and he advised me that it did sound like a scam, and to not do anything unless I were to be served papers. It was sort of scary how she had all my info, my family info, the name of the PDL company. It sounded very realistic. The females both gave me thier names one was left on her voicemail she left and the other was given when I asked for it, which made me again think this was very real. I know I talked to my attorney, but can you give any reassurance? I agree with your attorney.

This sounds like a scam to me. My grandmother received a call from a Westgate Arbitration. He continued to threaten me with criminal charges of check fraud related charges and ended up hanging up on me. I tried to call back several times he continued to hang up and asked me not to call and harass them. This after he called my sick grandmother numerous times and told her all of my business and got her very worried and upset.

These callers are typically scammers, not actual debt collectors. Whether you owe the debt or not is irrelevant; they are simply trying to scare some money out of you. If you truly owe the money, the creditor can sue you, but cannot have you arrested. I received a call from woman saying I had a pass balance on a payday loan i took out When I did the loan, I was residing in the state of Maryland not Georga. After doing some reseach, I found out that it is illegal to do payday loans in the state of Maryland and Georgia.

Can they take me to court or will I have to do jail time for this? Also, I have never heard of any state paying off someones personal loan and then sending it to another state where you reside and they send out warrent for your arrest. Yes, the creditor or debt collector can sue you. No, you will not be taken to jail for defaulting on the debt.

No, you will not be sued and no, you will not go to jail. A collection company called and said that I defaulted on a payday loan. Since my bank account got closed to being overdraft for too long, I was unable to pay back my payday loan.

They are saying they are going to press charges for fraud unless I make payment arrangements right away. When I asked them for some form of paper work showing these claims they kept giving me the run around and finally agreed to try to send me something.

Can they press charges for fraud even after I notified them that my bank account was closed due to lack of funds. For general information, please re-read the original post and review the other comments.

No, you cannot be arrested for simply defaulting on a debt. You may be sued, but you will not go to jail. Merely defaulting on a debt does not rise to the level of fraud. I retuned home and 4: Now I knew I had not taken out a payday loan at that time, so I said I am calling my attorney which I had at the time for another matter and do not have him retained now do what you need to do and hung up.

My attorney took the number and I emailed him my bank records for the month questioned and he called…of course they would not speak with him. He went onto say that the statue of limitations is about to expire on this and BMG is prepared to fight for their money and the the I asked for the company name and additional information and was denied that.

He said since I am not willing to cooperate he is transferring my account over to their investigator Karl Reinman to he can proceed to file a complaint and have me arrested.

He told me to get a clean pair of underwear and a tooth brush in a scarstic manner, I said this call is being recorded he said oh really well all these calls are recorded on our end too. I said great then you realize you just threatened me, and also gave confidential information to my mother which is against the law. So you and I can both bring the recorded conversation to court and see where it goes from them. He called me on a Monday? I do know that I have not taken out a payday loan from this company and have my bank statements to prove it and will pay nothing to anyone for a debt I did not incur.

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