Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Only utilize payday loans if you find yourself in a true emergency. I gave him my debit card info and he said he would contact the process server and let them know it was settled. Payday Loan within Overnight. Both suggested that I do a stop payment on the payment and then talk with them and once again request a copy of my ledger.

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I wish I could give them negative stars!!! His phone was I never saw any money in my account and didn't realize this was a scam until it was too late. Report it to your district attorney if this was to happen to you. I will never seek a lender on the internet again I was running low on funds and had a tire blowout and tow job that cost me dollars that I didn't have. I then searched online for a loan.

I was called back after about 10 minutes with, Congrats you have been approved for a loan. I was then asked how much I wanted and I said 4, dollars. The pleasant lady that was on the phone was named Jessica. I said I could and she said great but it requires 3 things. A valid drivers license, a cell phone and the ability to send cash for 5 minutes by western union and that would cover insurance for the loan that once issued, I would get the loan plus the insurance money. And I said I could.

I waited about 10 minutes and called Jessica back and she said I didn't put my official middle name on the form and would need to send more money. I said I want my loan and she assured me it would go through this time and don't put a middle name or initial just my first and last name. Only this time she wanted dollars plus the fees.

I said I only have and she said that it would be okay plus the 40 dollar fee. Then Jessica called after 5 minutes and said it was successful and the loan manager Craig would call in 5 minutes with the details. He did and this is really where the straw broke the donkeys back. He verified my info and said that now we needed it to be made legal since I lived in Ohio.

There was the matter of taxes on the loan. He said for my inconvenience, it would be dollars now and they would pay their share of the taxes of dollars and I would need to pay dollars to have my funds released from the bank. I responded with, you took all my money. I don't have If I did, I wouldn't need a loan and I want my loan and my insurance fees back now.

Craig said I would then go to jail for not paying the non existent taxes and he would report me to the IRS. I then hung up and went home. I then called Jessica back and said what happened with the loan and what is this crap about the taxes and said she knew about it but I said didn't know and I want either my loan or my money back.

She then parroted the crap about after I paid the I would get my loan. She said she couldn't do anything, so I said I want my money back and she said it will take 24 days but I doubt I will ever see the money. And I would still be responsible for paying the loan and it would appear on my credit report and would not be able to receive any loans for 5 years or more because it will be on my credit report.

I am very aware of scams so I ask questions and do not do things that do not seem right. I asked how much and the agent could not tell me, transferred to supervisor. I need to go to the store and buy a Green Dot money card. First I never heard of making any payment on a loan before you get it.

Secondly he wanted the number on the back of the card, right there goes that money. Well the final straw was he said the federal government is listening to this call. Right we have agents that do that. Good luck, I just moved all my funds out of the account to protect them. I applied for a loan. I applied for a loan on the internet and I started getting calls from a company who told me I was pre-approved for a loan. All I had to do was send them Once I sent the money they claimed they never got it and now I am out of my money.

Do not do business with them. This company is committing fraud. I had a taken a payday loan with Mypaydayloan. They put my account in the negative, I had multiple payments coming out for my other bills.

When I spoke to them, they were nice at first until they realize how much they were responsible for. They told me that they would reimburse me of these charges and then turn around and tell me that they will not reimburse me because I would have gone negative in my account anyways which is complete BS. If they would have just taken the correct payment my account would have been fine. They have no customer service especially when they are in the wrong. I took out a loan with this company, got in over my head.

I got a company called MyPayDay relief to settle the debt. I paid the settlement to Smith, Haynes and Watson. They sent me a paid in full letter; however, 2 other agencies have tried to collect on this debt. Do not do business with these slime bags! Dealing with this company has been a total nightmare. I took a payday loan with this company and ended up way in over my head.

I found a consolidation company, Payday Freedom, that is trying to work with Mypaydayloan for payment arrangements to fit my budget. I found that this company is illegal in my state and that Internet loans are illegal and unenforceable in my state.

Don't reply or click on any hyperlink they provide and do not agree to any terms. A true lawsuit will be issued with a docket number from a court house. I've alerted my bank and closed out the account they had on file. All credit bureaus should also be alerted! Their hope is that you'll be afraid to report them or call them to settle agreeing to things you didn't do and inadvertently providing additional information to them.

I hope this helps a fellow victim of this terrible scam!! I believe in Karma.. Took out loans with this company and the finance charges were more than they advised.

Paid triple what I had borrowed. I borrowed funds from the Cash Cow group in They were paid on time with interest as promised. I paid off the first claim to make it go away in Cheaper than getting an attorney. That is the catch. Now this month I was suppose to have borrowed again in Another claim I didn't pay. This has to quit. I am tired and disgusted at this type of "residual income" made by the company.

I too have received numerous calls from someone who claims to be a lawyer. They say I owe them money for a payday loan. When asked for documentation about this loan, they refused. I checked my bank account for anything during the time that they say I got this loan, but I have nothing in the statement to back up their claim.

I have contacted my State Attorney General about this harassment. They don't stop the calls, at home or at work! I hope someone can do something about these people. It's terrible to have to deal with rude people who call to tell you that you're going to jail. I got a call from a Ms. She stated that she had all my information - even the address of the computer used to apply. I'll just wait to see, this people are thieves.

I hope God forgives them. I have been contacted by three separate companies beginning in January in regards to money I "owe" to MyCashNow for a payday loan obtained in May At this point I feel foolish that I fell for their story but allow me to defend my actions a little.

They called me at my office repeatedly until I answered. They were very demanding and rude. At the time I had my Sr. Leadership Team sitting at my conference table. Scared to death and certain of humiliation I stepped out of my office.

At that time they told me they were sending out law enforcement to serve me lawsuit documents if debt was not settled immediately. They also referenced the credit union that I have used since high school. I had used MyCashNow several years back during rougher times but I had always made payments and did not remember defaulting on a loan. To be honest, May of was a very stressful time I ended up unemployed mid-month and was also dealing with the terminal illness of a family member.

I was stressed and depressed!! That year is a blur. Is it possible I really owed? I do not know why I did not push harder for answers. I just paid it and moved on. Can I get that money back if fraudulent?

Is there a way to investigate further? Then beginning in February I started getting calls from another firm with the same story. They were attempting to collect a debt on behalf of MyCash Now which was no longer in business. Can you even collect on behalf of a company that no longer exists? I tried to tell them that I had settled the debt and even emailed receipts but was told that I must have had "multiple accounts" and that I legitimately owed more money for these old advances.

When I asked for dates and amounts which would have supported the loan I seemed to always get the run around. I pulled by bank records for The amounts and dates obtained did not match up with my bank records. I am not sure how to fight further I have worked really hard to recover from those tough times. I disputed the claims. Transunion notified me that they claim was legit. If it is then who did I pay back in January? If it is owed then why can I not get some sort of formal notification stating the date and original amount deposited?

At this point I do not trust anyone and am not sure how to resolve. Another agency called me this morning which is what sparked writing this review. I am astonished at how many people have identical stories.

I performed a reverse look-up on the number which called this morning and it did not tie to a business name and came up in a residential part of Ft. If anyone call help or offer advice on how to resolve I appreciate it. The agent claimed I took out a pay day loan for this company in November Later in the conversation, she claimed she was an attorney.

She ended up hanging up on me. The second person was also extremely rude and hung up on me. I asked for documentation and it refused. It had my personal information but I did not borrow money in November I intend to report them to my Attorney General. I recently was contacted by an agency saying they were collecting a debt for My Cash Now and if I did not pay I was going to jail. She knew my social and my boyfriend's name and number. She was very mean and called us bums.

We are both out of work right now. She said I was too poor to have a lawyer. When I called back to ask for a document to be mailed to me, she said no. When I ask for something sent to my lawyer, she said they only communicate by fax.

Have him fax her. This is not normal at all and I am worried she is trying to scam me out of money. She called 3 times today. I received an alert on my credit report today saying I had a collection account, it was from Accelerated Financial Solutions.

I disputed the claim right away with Transunion and then called the collection agency. I told her I had never dealt with that company before. She said I had made payments to them for months and still owed them a balance. She wanted me to send a proof of payoff. I asked her to send me a debt verification and she said she already had in April.

I did not receive anything. Said she was going to send it again. We'll see I guess. But in the mean time, my credit score took a dump. She said I should have gotten a letter in the mail etc. I told her I never dealt with MyCashNow - she advised that she was not there to dispute things with me but to get a statement from me on how I intended to resolve this issue. She said her client had my bank account information, my employer information and my social and that was all that needed to be submitted to the court for proceedings - I told her that I would think that they - the supposed creditor - would have to show proof that money was actually placed into the account.

And since I had already dealt with another collection company about this same company and issue and amount and date, and verified through my bank that the deposit in question was never placed into my account, I would be more than happy to counter sue her company as well as her company for continued harassment that is not justified since I never received the funds.

I then hung up on her. I contacted my bank, had them verify that no such amount on or around the date provided was ever done by MyCashNow - total scam Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. Only utilize payday loans if you find yourself in a true emergency. When you take out a loan, you may never get back on your feet.

The company will reduce your payments, and you may reach a point where you owe so much you cannot repay your loan. Your credit record is important when it comes to payday loans. You may still be able to get a loan, but it will probably cost you dearly with a sky-high interest rate. If you have good credit, payday lenders will reward you with better interest rates and special repayment programs.

There are some payday loan companies that are fair to their borrowers. Take the time to investigate the company that you want to take a loan out with before you sign anything. Many of these companies do not have your interest in mind. You have to look out for yourself. If you are having trouble paying back a cash advance loan, go to the company where you borrowed the money and try to negotiate an extension.

It can be tempting to write a check, hoping to beat it to the bank with your next paycheck, but remember that not only will you be charged extra interest on the original loan, but charges for insufficient bank funds can add up quickly, putting you under more financial stress.

If you ever ask for a supervisor at a payday lender, make sure they are actually a supervisor.