Although this stipulation does not apply in every situation pertaining to financial transactions by an underaged person. Merge this question into. Can you have your 17 year old emancipated? A 17 year old can take a loan, but they can't be held to any contract arising so in practice no one would sensibly loan to a minor. Never have I gotten a car note and I've had 7 and not eventually regretted my decision to finance. NMLS loan originators hold a license by the National Mortgage Licensing System to originate mortgage loans in participating state agencies, including Puert

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How to Get a Loan at 17; How to Get a Loan at June 1, By: Timothea Xi. you have wider berth for obtaining loans as a student. Federal student loans are among the rare situations where a year-old can sign a promissory note. How to Get Moneytree Payday Loans. The Basics. Personal Loans. By: Sara A 17 year old can take a loan, but they can't be held to any contract arising (so in practice no one would sensibly loan to a minor). Therefore the debt cannot be legally enforced. Not that that will prevent the parasitical loan co. from attempting to collect it,  · A question many teenagers have is can they be 17 and get a car loan?The answer is no you cannot. Getting a car loan involves a contract. A 17 year old is still considered a minor in the eyes of the

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You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. What happens if a 16 year old gets a 14 year old pregnant? How can a 17 year old get a student loan? How can a 16 year old get emancipated?

What's your secret to saving money? Learn More at joinhoney. A loan is a contractual agreement between the borrower and lender.

Learn More at coinsmart. As a year-old, almost year-old, what ways can I get money? Can a year-old get a license? Can a 16 year old get a hotel? Can a 13 year old get a loan? My wife doesn't want to sign a loan for me in a bank.

What is it that I can do to have my loan application processed by the bank without her s How can a 16 year old get a girlfriend? Is it right for a year-old boy to date a year-old girl? You'll also need a qualified adult joint borrower, and both of you have to go to the nearest SELCO branch to complete the loan application in person.

As a year-old, you have wider berth for obtaining loans as a student. Federal student loans are among the rare situations where a year-old can sign a promissory note. As part of your college or career school financial aid package, your school may include loans offered by the federal government. You must meet basic eligibility criteria, which includes U. You must also qualify to receive a college or career school degree by presenting a high school diploma or proving a high school education via homeschooling.

These criteria do not specify minimum age to apply, though males must register with the Selective Service between the ages of 18 and Provided you meet the above criteria, you do not need a cosigner to apply for a federal student loan. Call the bank or credit union your family deals with. Ask a loan officer if they will allow you to sign as primary with your parents as co-signers.

You just started building your credit a year ago and you recently applied for 2 credit cards this year already is it too soon to apply for a personal loan? Listen, there is an approach to building your credit history and using your bank to help. Then a few days later apply for a secure loan using your savings account as security. Pay on it for six months after that pay it in full. From that point on you'll be able to get a personal loan from your bank. Can a year-old making a month get a car loan?

Whether or not someone can get a loan for a car or house or anything else largely depends on their credit history. It is also the discretion of the bank whether or not you get approved.. With your income though, i would see no reason why you couldn't get an auto loan. I am not sure what the minimum age is for that but if nothing else you could always get a co-signer.. Sorry if this doesn't help!

How can a 17 year old apply for citizenship who came here legally but stayed illegally? Your best bet is to go see an immigration lawyer. Make sure you finished high school and have kept and continue to keep a clean record with the police department. Since you are still a minor, your overstay must be through no fault of your own. A judge is more likely to allow you to stay without fear of deportation if it's not your fault.

Can a 17 year old have a co-signer for a loan? Let me tell you it helped me ALOT and now im 22 and that alone built up my credit so much! Just make sure you make your payments on time so you dont put out whoever co-signed for you! Can year-olds get student loans?

Probably not, as minors can not legally enter into a contract in most states. If someone gave a 17 year old entered into a contract then the 17 year old may be able to get out of the deal. This answer above is incorrect. Yes you can get financial aid and once you do sign the promissory note you cannot get out of it. You will need to pay the loan back. The laws changed many years ago that allowing 17 year old to receive aid because their were so many 17 year old graduates.

Talk to your financial aid person. Can a 17 year old get a car loan for dollars with out a co-signer? Most banks will not give a 17 year old a loaneven with a co-signer. You are 17 years old and want a loan? Work, save, and pay cash. Under almost every circumstance, if you take this answer seriously at any age, you will eventually be glad you did.

Can a person who is 18 years old get a car loan without a co-signer? Legally, yes, as an year-old is legally authorized to enter into a contract. Whether a lender will give you one based upon your credit history is a different matter. What are the best sites to apply for a quick personal loan?

Here is a site I know and it's trusted. It's purely online application so it's hassle-free. You might want to check this out: Can a person adopt a child internationally of 17 year old?

We are trying to adopt a sibling group internationally. The oldest is 17 right now and we have been told by the state department and USCIS that with the new Hague regulations you cannot adopt anyone after they turn 16, even if they have younger siblings.

This is for Hague countries. If it is a non Hague country I think you can as long as they have younger siblings. Can a 17 year old apply for renting housing if her parents are kicking her out? However some housing assosiations may be funny about a 17 year old getting rental accomodation. Your easiest option is go to you local one stop shop, connextions and they should be able to help you out.

Where can a 17 year old apply for a job? What year should a person be born to be 17 years old? Birthdays near the end of a year however may throw off the formula. For example, if someone is born in December , they would also be 17 years old in So the easiest way to find out which year would be to simply ask someone when they were born.

What loans can a 17 year old student in Australia apply for to cover your accommodation costs? Its prety hard to raise money for this purpose at this age, one often hears of girls having to take up prostitution to make ends meet that are in this position. Can a 17 year old live with a 20 year old person? Of course, Unless its a robber, or killer on the road, or something bad! And u if your parents let you.

How can a year-old get a loan online? Starting to borrow money at that early of an age starts you down a bad path of always borrowing money for wants. That is why they won't allow you to borrow money legally at that age. Talk to your parents about the costs of borrowing money. You can get inexpensive cars for far less money then you need to borrow for.

The insurance is cheaper and your long term financial health is absolutely better. You are 31 and am with and in love with a 17 year old are you a bad person? Yes, you can go to jail for statutory rape if the 17 year old's parents press charges..

No, this does not mean you are a bad person. However, you should think this through carefully for your sake as well as the 17 year old.