Payday Loans and Bankruptcy

By continuing on to our website you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. Highly recommend this lawyer for all your bankruptcy needs! Loves this firm Mr Gentile and his staff are super helpful and caring and honest. He was not pleasant to speak with at all. If you are a Michigan resident and would like to explore your options for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy with an experienced Michigan bankruptcy attorneyplease contact us at or click the button below to schedule a free, initial consultation. The bottom line with regard to payday loans in bankruptcy is that you should avoid taking them in the first place. Everyone in his office provided superb customer service and they answered all our questions.

Payday Lending: Usury at its Worst

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In most cases, you can discharge a payday loan in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is because if you owe money to a payday lender, that debt is generally treated like that of any other unsecured creditor in your bankruptcy. Payday loans do present some potential hazards in a bankruptcy filing, however. These hazards arise from the peculiar qualities of payday loans described above: the provision of post-dated checks, location of the creditors involved, and the quick turnaround time required contractually for repayment of the loans. The average payday loan is usually $1, or less, so if your only debts are one or two payday loans, bankruptcy may not be your best option. A better approach may be to work out payment arrangements with the pay day loan company, where you pay them over a .

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Payday Loans in Bankruptcy: The Bottom Line

However, under this method, you do not lose any of your assets. Chapter 13 is ideal for those who do not qualify for Chapter 7, who have a significant amount of assets, or those who want to protect property under a loan. Payday loans are likely to be wrapped into the repayment plan if you file Chapter 13, along with your other debt.

Keep in mind that this option may be beneficial to individuals who have a personal loan that is secured by a vehicle or other asset. In some states, payday loans have transformed to become more asset-based. However, Chapter 13 can help you to protect the asset even as you file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy law does not protect individuals who have acquired the loan in the last 60 to 90 days.

If you have a new payday loan — even one that has been reestablished recently, this may impact you. Avoid taking out new loans and, whenever possible, work with a bankruptcy attorney.

What Are Payday Loans? Can Chapter 13 Help with Payday Loans? A Few Things to Keep in Mind Bankruptcy law does not protect individuals who have acquired the loan in the last 60 to 90 days.

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Five stars for Mr. It is a common misperception that payday loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. This is false, as explained below, but they can present some practical complications. The US Bankruptcy Code breaks down different types of debt into several classifications and treats each classification differently.

Unsecured debt debt with no collateral securing it is divided into priority and non-priority classifications. Examples of this type of debt are child support payment deficiencies, recent tax debt, recent wages owed to former employees, and so forth.

Payday loans are, like all non-priority unsecured debt, totally dischargeable in bankruptcy. Payday loans do present some potential hazards in a bankruptcy filing, however. These hazards arise from the peculiar qualities of payday loans described above: Location of Payday Lenders presents the first challenge in a bankruptcy. Upon filing of a bankruptcy petition, all creditors are noticed of the bankruptcy filing by the Bankruptcy Court.

In order to ensure that this actually happens and that the creditor is noticed of the filing, you must include the name and address among other information in your bankruptcy petition. If you do not include the correct address, the creditor will not be properly noticed and will have a defense to actions your bankruptcy lawyer may take if they continue to harass you for collections after the filing. However, with payday lenders, the key question is always who the actual corporate owner of the lending service is and where they are located.

If they are located on an Indian Reservation or outside the territorial United States, it will be A difficult to notice them until a viable address is ascertained; and B even more difficult to execute a judgment for violations of the Bankruptcy Code with regard to post-filing collections attempts, etc. The post-dated checks many such lenders require to make you a loan also present an issue in bankruptcy.